Bringing organic fruit and vegetables to you..

european organic logoWe represent a growing number of producers of organic fresh fruit and vegetables and organic dry goods. This merchandise is sold to distributors, wholesalers and retailers, throughout Europe. Past experience as a a trader with the Greenery and Eosta we have built up a good network of organic minded people and companies across Europe that all have a passion for organic. We would like to meet you and see how our joints efforts can and will create added value.
As commercial agents we represent producers who wish to export their organic products to other markets.
Our knowledge of the local language, culture, market situation and organic products is the added value we are putting at your disposal.
 Introducing organic products to new markets and see how the local consumers acquire the right taste for it, is a real motivator. Taking succesful products from one country to another, and watching it become a succes is great for the organic movement as a whole.
Based in The Netherlands, our expertise is in the international sale of organic fruit and vegetables & dry goods.
Through word of mouth and active participation at fairs we meet a lot of producers and buyers.
In About Us, we explain why you should talk to Ithaka Organic Trading for the export of your organic products.
Looking forward to meet you!