Who are we?

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Ithaka is a commercial agency selling and reselling organic products for organic producers, who require this service to export their production. Our mission is to grow the overall organic marketshare of fresh fruit and veg and organic dry goods. Trading these organic goods to new markets is the way allowing overall organic growth and enabling end-consumers to enjoy organic foods and products from elsewhere. With our, not if but when, mentality, we commit to your products to make them succesful in other markets.

Experience and background

Extensive knowledge of various markets and countries allow us to be competent spokespeople for our growers and succesfully export their products across Europe. Having lived and worked in Germany, France, Ireland, Australia, Turkey and Spain we know the markets, business culture and most important we speak the languages.

20 years of commercial experience in various industries of which the last 10 in fresh fruit and vegetables, both organic and conventional.

Our expertise to grow the organic footprint:

  •  new business developement;
  • (cold) acquisition of new customers;
  • sales and sourcing experience as account manager at The Greenery and sales manager at  Eosta;
  • extensive network on wholesale, retail and industrial level throughout Europe;
  • passion for organic products overall, healthier-tastier-greener-better for our planet.


  • communicator;
  • opportunity spotting, entrepreneur;
  • listener;
  • open-minded;
  • high energy, not if but when mentality;
  • people knowledge;
  • sense of humor;
  • Getting things done!

What do we stand for?

We believe the way forward foodwise is organic. The ongoing discussion of whether organic techniques can feed the planet is one we watch closely from the sidelines. At this moment we want to do our part however to introduce organic products to new markets, allowing organic production to grow as a whole. Alarming facts that we are loosing 30 soccer pitches of fertile soil per minute, as a result of irresponsible (conventional)  farming, has led us to get in action and do our bit to boost sales of organic products even further.

How do we grow the organic footprint?

We are looking forward to meet new producers who wish to market their products outside their home market, and buying organisations who wish to further develop their organic product range. Creating this win-win situation is growing the organic footprint even further! Yes, we can …. !