Successful launch for Ithaka Organic Trading

Source: Ithaka Organic Trading

Ithaka Organic Trading was launched on 1 January 2014. The organic start-up has been marketing organic products from abroad in the Netherlands, Germany and France. Through commercial contracts with foreign and Dutch producers, Ithaka has the exclusive distribution rights for various products. (Picture: Johan Troost, owner)Products are sold through wholesalers or directly by organic retailers – De Nieuwe BandUdeaLa Vie Claire, and Biocoop. One of the producers Ithaka represents is the organic vegetable chips manufacturer Croustisud from the French Ardeche. The chips sell successfully in France, and hopefully soon in the Netherlands and other countries too. Other producers are Jules Brochenin (oils, health bars), Domaine d’ Uza (French asparagus) and Ovobio – Blanchard (industrial egg-products – eggwhite and eggyolk, liquid/powder or frozen). Fresh vegetables like chicory and mushrooms are offered as well. Asparagus, chicory, mushrooms and a number of other products are in the pipe-line too. Exporting organic products from Holland or Germany to other countries is also part of Ithaka’s services.Johan Troost is the owner of Ithaka Organic Trading. His experience and background lies in the import and export of organic fruit and vegetables produced by The Greenery (Naturelle) and Eosta. In the last seven years he has built up a network in the Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia and Southern Europe at a wholesale, retail and industrial level. This import and export experience fits into the mission statement of Ithaka Organic Trading: increasing the total organic consumption by introducing organic products into new markets: “Growing the organic footprint”. Ithaka Organic Trading is present at all importan organic fairs like Biovak and BioFach. More information is available from