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Croustisud: Organic vegetable chips

0_0_0_0_179_253_csupload_63146801_largeCroustisud based in France is the leading organic vegetable chips producer. Renowned for the authentic taste and color of their handmade chips, every chips lover will automatically become a fan of these chips made in the land famous for its wine, cooking, its gastronomy. What better with your apéritive than organic chips from Croustisud. Flavours: Beetroot, sweetpotato, carrot, celeriac and parsnip.

Croustisud’s core values: organic, taste, simplicity, naturalness, authenticity, confidence and innovation. Croustisud’s non-industry standard production technology: Cooking of the chips between 100 and 120 degrees, 40% below normal cooking temperatures. Which has 3 big advantages:

  • Preservation of the organoleptic quality of the fruit and vegetables;
  • No degradation of the sunflower cooking oil;
  •  Fat percentage well below conventional chips and organic chips from other producers.

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Jules Brochenin: Organic oils

Jules Brochenin, leading organic oil producer was founded in 1868 in the south of France. Productrange: Oliveoil, sunfloweroil, sesameoil, saffloweroil, rapeseedoil and palmoil. As they crush organic seeds, they sell cattle cakes as organic animal feed. With Carrefour and Auchan as large retail customers, leaders with the highest % of organic goods in their supermarkets in France, Jules Brochenin and Ithaka Organic Trading have signed the contract to boost sales of these organic oils in other markets.
Brochenin has modern facilities at its disposal to press organic oil seeds. The oils obtained, by first cold pressing only, are of a very high quality. Certified: Ecocert (since 1994), USDA Organic, AB, IFS – version 5, NOP ( National Organic Program) and JAS (Japan’s Agricultural Standards), Bio Fairtrade (organic olive oil extra vierge).
The seeds are stored and kept in large silos, after which they are checked with organic and edible standards.
Second step is trituration. Seeds are cleaned, flattened, crushed by the pressing machines. From this trituration, JB obtains the first cold pressing oil, and also cattle cake which is used as animal food.
Final step, the oils are roughly filtered, once through a cloth filter, and then filtered with filter paper at 1 micron before its bottled.
For the complete productrange and types of oils please check:
Important to keep in mind is that we produce to order and follow your specific requirements. In bottles but we also ship in bulk. Please contact Ithaka Organic Trading for a full update of possibilities.
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Jules Brochenin: Organic health bars

Jules Brochenin is also a specialist in producing organic sesame bars. Creating these bars together with the customer, Jules Brochenin proposes a wide range of possibilities.
Bars can be made to order with a variety of ingedients. Like: peanuts, cashew nuts, cranberries, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and currants. If its organic Jules Brochenin can add it.Jules Brochenin doesnt sell a brand, but is a tailormade producer. More info in a nutshell: Productlife of 12 months, packaging/logo at the customers request, no added salt, flavours or colors. No added sugar if so requested. Rice-sirup is used as sweetener. For more info visit these blogs. Match the language you prefer at the top of the blog.
A new bar, certified organic, has just been launched (EU 834/07 adapted). Its a multigrain bar which has been launched succesfully. Ingredients: sesame, peanuts, pumpkin seeds and currants. These bars are always without flour, no salt or added oil, no added flavours or colors. Product life 12 months, sold under the distributors brand.
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RAN Fresh Produce

Israeli coop for organic fruit and veg with production in Israel with their european headoffice in Breda.

RAN has become the logistics hub for the export and import of organic fruit and veg throughout the European market.

RAN works closely together with a great number of growers throughout Europe, enabling to offer a wide variety of products throughout the year. Key success factor is the direct shipping of goods from grower to customer which has three distinct advantages. Product is always fresh, great reduction in the supply chain, 100% transparant.witlofPeen 10kg netzakMango Peru KentKiwigala BIO FruktbudetdruivenBramenDadelsPompoenenAnanasBlauwe bes